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Abraham Hamilton III

Conference Overview

The world is in chaos! Nations are rising against nations. Immorality and perversion run rampant, and persecution against Christianity is escalating, even in America.

Could the events we are witnessing be signs of the end times? Is Jesus about to return?

In recent years, we, as the Church, have lost our eager anticipation for His return. Rather than being distinctly different from the world and eagerly looking for our Lord's second coming, we have become like the world. Sometimes one can scarcely tell the difference between the saved and the lost.

God calls us to be holy and set apart from the world (2 Corinthians 6:17) so that we will be found spotless at Christ’s return (2 Peter 3:14). Like Queen Esther, He has called us to be a people for the times, not of the times, a distinct light in the middle of a dark world.

As men and governments attempt to erase God’s absolutes and redefine marriage, family, and the very structure of our bodies, what sort of people ought we to be? How do we remain faithful when good is called evil, and evil is praised as good?

Join us at Maplecrest Baptist Church as we examine how to practically live for Jesus while awaiting His imminent return. Together we will discover the answers to questions such as:

​- How can our families effectively influence our culture?

- By what standard are we living?

- How do we prepare for the days ahead?

And most importantly, what sort of people ought we to be?

Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to be encouraged. We cannot wait to learn and grow together!

Registration includes lunch on Saturday!

Adult (ages 18 and up)                                                                    $15
Child (ages 5-17)                                                                                $5
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